Ely Guitars Jam - First Thursday Every Month

Jam: 2016/08/04

dennis chandler round sm brian lisik round sm tony fortunato round sm colin dussault round sm3 luther bg2 

Dennis Chandler - Brian Lisik - Tony Fortunato - Colin Dussault - Luther Trammell

MC Chuck Riffle from Best Choice DJ



The Railriders: Justin Butcher - Rob Luoma - David Poirier
featuring Gary Uhas



Chef Lisa Delgado will be a guest chef for the evening serving real latin-style street food!

lisa delgado

Borinquen, a pop up restaurant will be serving:
Cubano Sandwiches: Slow roasted marinated pork with traditional mustard, melted swiss and pickle.
Jibarito Sandwiches: Slow roasted marinated pork with lettuce, tomato and lime chipotle mayo.
Arepas Camaron: Fresh shrimp salad marinated in lime, extra virgin olive oil and latin seasonings stuffed in a fried dough pocket.



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