Ely Guitars Jam - First Thursday Every Month

Jam: 2016/05/05


dennis chandler carlos alberto calabrese ted riser


Dennis Chandler ● Carlos Alberto Calabrese ● Ted Riser

Gary Uhas ● Justin Butcher ● David Poirier ● Frank Mussara ● Tom Foster ● Jaime Flores ● Dominic Cataldo
Hichem Ferrah ● Louie Morales ● Dave Millen ● Danny Powell ● Tyrone Hornbuckle
Steve Korb ● Bob Schien ● Tim Drenski ● Robby DeMarco


lisa delgado

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with real latin-style street food as Chef Lisa Delgado will be a guest chef for the evening!

Borinquen, a pop up restaurant will be serving:
Cubano Sandwiches: Slow roasted marinated pork with traditional mustard, melted swiss and pickle.
Jibarito Sandwiches: Slow roasted marinated pork with lettuce, tomato and lime chipotle mayo.
Arepas Camaron: Fresh shrimp salad marinated in lime, extra virgin olive oil and latin seasonings stuffed in a fried dough pocket.


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Jam: 2016/04/07

Host Band: The RailRiders


Justin Butcher - Rob Luoma - David Poirier

with special guests:
Gary Uhas
Tommy Brehm
Tom Odegard
Joe Acerra

Danny Powell



Thanks to Mike Bronaka from Band-Sound.com for the great recordings!

Alan Greene - Make Your Move Too Soon
Alan Greene - My Babe
Alan Greene - True Love
Alan Greene - Get Out My Life Woman
Alan Greene - Meal Ticket Blues
Georgia - Baby - One Horse Town
Georgia - Blue For You - Whats Goin On
Georgia - Fairytale
Georgia - Sentimental Flowers
Georgia - Bleeding Red White and Blue - That Girl
RailRiders - Flip Flop Fly
RailRiders - Goin Down
RailRiders - Jambalaya
RailRiders - Little Wing
RailRiders - Mess it up again
RailRiders - Turn You On
Travis Haddix - Blame It All On You
Travis Haddix - Never Do Wrong Right
Travis Haddix - Stinkin Thinkin
Travis Haddix - Stormy Monday
Travis Haddix - Two Heads Are Better Than One



Jam: 2016/03/03

Host Band: Elm Street Blues Band

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6
Track 7
Track 8
Track 9